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What is the difference between Koryu & Chess?


Except playing ‘Human chess’, have you ever imagined that you are on a chessboard, for example, at f5 with watching around and thinking how to move or stay to wait some others’ help to create a threat to check the black King at g8 behind the wall of 3 black pawns on 7th rank?

Sometimes I imagine as if I am on a chessboard with a weapon of Koryu as follows, when I’m thinking about some complexed situations or practices of chess games.


King=Hanbo(半棒) : which is a stick of a half in length of Chobo(長棒)

Queen=Naginata(薙刀): which has a blade on one edge of a rod of about 7 feet in length

Rook=Ken(剣)/Katana(刀): which is a Japanese sword

Bishop=Chobo(長棒): which is a wood-rod of about 6 feet in length as like Naginata(薙刀) without its blade

Knight=Kodachi(小太刀): which is a shorter one of a pair of Japanese swords

Pawn=Jujutsu(柔術) : which is the Arts to fight without any weapons except one’s body itself


Of course, these are only my fantasy.

But actually, in our Hontai Yoshin-ryu Jujutsu(本體楊心流柔術), we use some of these weapons because of its history.

The 1st Soke(宗家=head) of our Hontai Yoshin-ryu Jujutsu(本體楊心流柔術) was a specialist of Kodachi(小太刀) about 400years ago.

The 2nd Soke(宗家=head) learned Jujutsu(柔術) and he found a way to create his Jujutsu(柔術) based on the Arts of Kodachi(小太刀).

The 4th Soke(宗家=head) was a specialist of Chobo(長棒) based on his brilliant skills of Naginata(薙刀).

And later, Hanbo(半棒), a half in length of Chobo(長棒), was innovated.


In fact, Naginata(薙刀) and Chobo(長棒), both length is the benefit, so we can aim the opponents from far position with our safety.

Especially Naginata(薙刀) is a terribly dangerous weapon, because it can mow the opponents’ feet down with the blade.

On the other hand, Hanbo(半棒) is completely simple, just a stick.

But Hanbo(半棒) is the last one to learn, because it is a beautiful marriage of Chobo(長棒), Jujutsu(柔術), and Kodachi(小太刀) in our Hontai Yoshin-ryu Jujutsu(本體楊心流柔術).


Thank you, best regards.

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