Koryu meets Chess

Not Martial Arts but Minerva's Arts. Through a Struggle, be guided by Philosophy, Faith, Art, and Science. Like a Forest from the Olive Tree that Athena, goddess of Wisdom, offered the Greek people a long time ago.

Month: March 2022


“WINTER IS COMING”, written by Garry Kasparov who decided not to return to Russia in 2013, seems like a log and his great preparations of ‘Kasparov’s Gambit’ (or ‘Garry’s Gambit’ sounds rhythmic.). This book was published in 2015, but I believe it’s not too late to read it still, because now is the last chance […]


Are you safe? Are you safe? Anna Muzychuk, are you safe? Mariya Muzychuk, are you safe? There is no difference between Koryu & Chess, when I pray to Minerva for you and your family and your friends and your country. Are you safe? Are you safe?