Koryu meets Chess

Not Martial Arts but Minerva's Arts. Through a Struggle, be guided by Philosophy, Faith, Art, and Science. Like a Forest from the Olive Tree that Athena, goddess of Wisdom, offered the Greek people a long time ago.

Month: May 2023


“A launch has been detected. Manoeuvre!” The order of the ‘elves’ ground team. Is clear.    An ‘orcs’ Su-35 fighter jet has fired. A missile at his aircraft. He knows he has to abort. The mission in order to survive.   He quickly dives his MiG-29. So low that he can see the treetops. The […]


He had been fighting. For 200 hours without a break. When he was killed by an ‘orc’ sniper. In the city of Bakhmut.   “For eight days. He did not eat, or sleep. He couldn’t even close his eyes for five minutes. Because the sniper could shoot.”   There’s a reason why. She now calls […]