Yononakao Naninitatohen Asaborake Kogiyukuhuneno Atonoshiranami by Saminomansei (from 'Teikahachidaisyo', the original in 'Manyoshu')

Hello, everyone! Ciao, a tutti!

Welcome to my game.

As you always are, I’m playing my own game, too.


What is the difference between Koryu & Chess?

 A log attracts me as a big difference between Koryu & Chess.

If there is a log which is perfectly clear for everyone to trace each single move of a struggle, we can sink a well of unfailing wisdom of it with unfailing interest.

As if chess creates a struggle by both players’ pieces and pawns, Koryu creates a struggle by both players’ each part of a human body.

Of course, we can use a video to record a struggle.

But like a log of a chess game, is it possible to watch and understand and analyze each single move of both players’ each part of a human body physically not only on outside but also inside???

And as far as Koryu is concerned, granted that we can separate our flowing motions into each half move, we do never need to wait the opponent’s half moves.


Thank you, best regards.

Grazie, buona partita.