“WINTER IS COMING”, written by Garry Kasparov who decided not to return to Russia in 2013, seems like a log and his great preparations of ‘Kasparov’s Gambit’ (or ‘Garry’s Gambit’ sounds rhythmic.).

This book was published in 2015, but I believe it’s not too late to read it still, because now is the last chance to listen to his words carefully like this: “There is no way to be sure exactly what will happen if the nations of the free world, led by the United States and NATO, confront Putin in Ukraine (or, for that matter, decide to wipe ISIS off the map). What we can be sure of is that action will eventually be necessary and that it will require more resources, more sacrifices, and more lives lost for every day that goes by. Putin, like every dictator ever known before him, grows in confidence and support when he is unchallenged. Every step he can trumpet as a success to the Russian people makes it harder to remove him and more likely he will feel bold enough to take even more aggressive steps. It is true that if America, Europe, and the rest of the world’s democracies finally realize the era of engagement is over and strike at Putin and the other thugs by cutting them off and providing overpowering support to their targets, conflicts may worsen before they can be extinguished. This view—the willingness to accept short-term sacrifice for the long-term good—requires the sort of leadership the free world has very little of today.”


Was ‘Kasparov’s Gambit’ accepted or declined?

Is ‘Kasparov’s Gambit’ accepted or declined?

Is there any variation?

Now is my turn.

Now is our turn, no matter how huge or little the difference between Koryu & Chess is, I mean, who cares the difference?