How many legs?

How many griefs?

I’ve thought over.

If I didn’t go.


How many angers?

How many tears?

I think over.

If I didn’t go.


How many nights?

How many tea breaks?

I’ll think over.

If I didn’t go.


How many kisses?

How many hugs?

Before or after.

Time would heal my sorrow.



*Because I read the article about Natalia and her two children, wounded after Kramatorsk railway attack, that is “Hospital shares story of mother and daughter who lost legs”, on 13 May 2022, on the BBC news as follows:

“A hospital in Lviv has shared the story of an 11-year-old girl and her mother, who it says both lost legs in a missile strike at Kramatorsk railway station in April.

While waiting for their train, the two went on to the platform to get some tea, while Yana’s twin brother Yaroslav watched their luggage, according to a Facebook post by the St Nicholas Children’s Hospital of the First Medical Association of Lviv.

Natalia still can’t forgive herself for the trip to get tea, the post says.

In a video interview with the organisation United for Ukraine, Natalia says she does not remember the sound of the explosion, but recalls opening her eyes to see everything covered in blood and people lying everywhere.

She told the organisation she tried to get up but couldn’t, and then looked at Yana and realised her trainers weren’t there.

Natalia had lost one of her legs; Yana had lost both.

The hospital says it has been caring for them for a few weeks, and they will eventually go to the US for further treatment.

It says Yaroslav has been helping look after them, calling nurses when they’re needed and going to the nearby shop.

The attack killed 50 people. Russia and Ukraine have both blamed each other for the strike. A BBC investigation found clear evidence that a cluster bomb was used.”

So, I wrote this poem.


**My friend shows you this poem also on the Ukrainian website for their children and others!

Kurama (Japan). «A poet from Kramatorsk» — poem about the russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 – Мала Сторінка (storinka.org)

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