Ieoizuru Hitotoshikikeba Karinoyadoni Kokorotomunato Omoubakarizo by Tae (the response to Saigyo)

Hello, everyone! Ciao, a tutti!

Welcome to my game.

As you always are, I’m playing my own game, too.


At starting this blog, I have a plot.

My question is “What is the difference between Koryu & Chess?”.

And at this moment, the first episode of the book “Overcrowded ~Designing Meaningful Products in a World Awash with Ideas~” written by Roberto Verganti inspires me.

He shows us how Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers started a new company: Nest Labs, against the principle1 and 2 of ‘how to innovate’, and resulted leading the revolution of the connected home.

Besides, he shows us the comment by Steve Wozniak, founder, Apple, 1996 “People will never love a product you do not love. If you do not love it yourself, they feel it … they smell it …”.

Yes, this blog is valuable for me to start now.


Thank you, best regards.

Grazie, buona partita.