Hello, everyone! Ciao, a tutti!

Welcome to my game.

As you always are, I’m playing my own game, too.


At starting this blog, I have a plus.

Before reading Garry Kasparov’s book, I’ve already satisfied myself with the value of learning chess on business.


Because … it’s a funny story.

About one and a half years ago, I wrote a document for making managers aware how danger it should be for them to run without handing over own business to their heirs, when I was on a committee for supporting managers on business in Osaka as the extension of my job, ‘shihosyoshi(司法書士)’.

And immediately my document was killed by the top of the committee.

He explained that my document was too original.

Yes, sure, an idea had flashed in my mind. So, I had applied the premortem to the theme.

I love the book “Thinking, Fast and Slow” written by Daniel Kahneman, and I remembered the paragraph about the PreMortem Method of Risk Assessment by Gary Klein in this book at that time.

But my document was killed.

Instead of burying it, I asked my friends of management consultants to read my document.

Soon one of them commented, “First I read the term ‘the PreMortem Method of Risk Assessment’(死亡前死因分析), I misunderstood it for ‘an autopsy report(検死報告書)’.”

Hmmm…from memory, a page of some book of chess problems popped in my mind, explained something like “An autopsy report. With great sadness, Black King must be lured by White Queen.”.

Then I returned him, “Well, I think it’s like problems of Shogi (将棋) or Igo(囲碁)!”

(In Japan, instead of Chess, Shogi (将棋) and Igo(囲碁) are popular board games.)

This accident inspired me to connect Chess with business in my mind.


Thank you, best regards.

Grazie, buona partita.