Ieoizuru Hitotoshikikeba Karinoyadoni Kokorotomunato Omoubakarizo by Tae (the response to Saigyo)

Hello, everyone! Ciao, a tutti!

Welcome to my game.

As you always are, I’m playing my own game, too.


At starting this blog, I have a plan.

I want to translate strategy from Koryu into Chess, and share it with you to make the most of it on business and life actively.

This is my strategy.

So, I want to learn and assimilate the chess wisdom, especially Garry Kasparov’s.

This is one of my long-term goals.

I know this will be a heavily difficult road for me.

I may need my pieces and some pawns (if still they are on the board) to make a combination to attack f7 or g7 in future.

Or if my Queen or Rook can achieve 7th rank, …

But after castling, his King will not stay home.

Then, how?

Time is precious.

He doesn’t notice my aim yet.

Therefore, today I start this blog by stealing my e-pawn ahead.

In his book “How Life Imitates Chess”, he shows us that chess wisdom is a treasure not only on itself but also on business and life.

For example, Rory Sutherland shows us that not ‘logic’ but ‘psycho-logic’ can be a key for our decision-making in his book “Alchemy”.

When commentators start to broadcast chess games live on YouTube, soon we hear enough of both words, ‘logical’ and ‘psychological’.

And in the above book, Garry Kasparov shows us the episode of Mikhail Tal.

The hippopotamus got onto the chessboard and suddenly disappeared in front of Tal, the magician from Riga, when Tal’s ‘tree of variations’ spread with unbelievable rapidity in the heat of battle.

Maybe you notice the subtitle of his book, “Making the Right Moves- from the Board to the Boardroom”.

I understand that this ‘right’ does not equal ‘logical’.


Thank you, best regards.

Grazie, buona partita.