WAKA is 'the music of the Primes'.

Since dawn on Friday.

‘Orcs’ have made three attempts.

To approach troops.

Near Chasiv Yar and Klishchiivka.


The 24th Mechanized Brigade.

Which has been redeployed.

To Chasiv Yar.

Said on Thursday evening:


“The situation.

In and around.

The town is.

Extremely difficult.”


“The enemy is.

Constantly organizing.

Massive frontal assaults.

And also trying to.”


“Bypass the settlement.

From the north and south.”

It added that ‘orcs’ forces were.

“Mercilessly shelling” the area.


Chasiv Yar sits.

To the west of Bakhmut.

And has been the focus.

Of intense ‘orcs’ attacks.


Since February.

After nearby.

Avdiivka fell.

To ‘orcs’ forces.


The deployment comes.

As ‘Mordor’ said.

It had shot down.

More than 100 ‘elves’ drones.


In parts of ‘Mordor’ and.

Occupied Crimea overnight.

With officials saying one person.

Was killed in the attack.



*Because I read “Ukrainian unit says frontline fighting ‘difficult’” by Jemma Crew & Matt Murphy on 21 June 2024, and also “Why are Ukrainians calling Russians ‘orcs’?” by James FitzGerald on 30 Apr 2022, on the BBC news.
So, I wrote this poem.
Please read the original story on the BBC news:

Ukrainian army unit says situation on frontline becoming ‘extremely difficult’ (bbc.com)