Pinning shadows against walls.

Raise me up. Raise me up.


Feeling the breathing of fire blazes.

Raise me up. Raise me up.


Creeping frozen darkness up on me.

Warm me up. Warm me up.


Leading flames on my own.

Warm me up. Warm me up.


*Because my friend sent me some photos by Call Orestes, Dmytro Kozatskyi, and told me as follows:
“And this text I read in Telegram:
“Thank you for sheltering Azovstal – the place of my death and my life,” – said Dmitry on the call sign “Orestes”, a soldier of the Azov Regiment.
Today he released his photos of the defenders of Mariupol with a call to the world media and those who care to distribute them.
“By the way, while I’m in captivity, I’ll leave you photos in the best quality, send them to all journalistic awards and photo contests, if I win something, after the release it will be very nice. Thank you all for your support. See you, “Orest wrote.
These photos shred the soul and make even more admirers of Azovstal – everyone should see them.
Distribute, tell the story of Ukrainian heroes. The original photo is available at:


 Author photos: Call Orestes, Kozatsky_D / Twitter”

So, I wrote this poem for his photo, DSC02782.jpg. Please look at his original photo.


**My friend shows you this poem also on the Ukrainian website for their children and others!

Kurama (Japan). «A poet at a fire» — a poem about war in Ukraine – Мала Сторінка (storinka.org)

Please join them, and please, please, listen to the beautiful voice of ‘Singing soldier of Azovstal’ Paramedic Kateryna Ptashka on this page.


***What great works these photos by Dmytro Kozatskyi are!
My friend told me like this:
“And we have the news about Dmytro Kozatsky:
‘Defender of Mariupol and photographer of the “Azov” Dmytro Kozatsky with the call sign “Orest” received a special award of the POLISH Grand Press Photo 2022.
He shared photos from Azovstal on his social networks.’
It’s super!!!”