‘Elves’ military was more cautious.

In declaring victory in Bilohorivka.

Given that control over towns and villages.

Has proved tenuous in the past.


But while only a small village.

It would be a potent signal that.

‘Mordor’ no longer has full control.

Of the Luhansk region.


Which along with Donetsk.

Makes up Donbas.

The main stated targets.

Of ‘Mordor’’s war effort.


“Our defenders have squeezed.

The invaders out.

And are in full control of the town.”

The ‘elf’ regional governor said.


Though he noted that it was still under artillery fire.

And had largely been razed by ‘orcs’.

“There are several towns like this.

In Luhansk Province.”


He had said in earlier comments that.

There would be “a hard fight.

For every centimeter.

Of Luhansk land.”


An adviser to ‘Gandalf the Green’ said.

On Monday that.

‘Elves’ forces had gained two footholds.

On the left bank of the Oskil River.


Which retreating ‘orcs’ forces had hoped.

To use as a natural defensive barrier.

Several villages in the Lyman direction are.

Now under the control of ‘elves’ military.


‘Gandalf the Green’ announced on Monday.

Efforts to secure recently retaken eastern territory.

Even as he underlined the importance of continuing.

To make rapid gains to deny ‘orcs’ “any foothold on ‘elves’ soil.”


“The pace is very important now.

The pace of stabilization in the liberated areas.

The pace of movement of our troops.

The pace of restoration of normal life in the liberated territory.”


‘Elves’ military noted that ‘orcs’ remained focused on.

Taking all of the Donetsk region.

And keeping control of the territory.

It has taken.


At the same time, ‘elves’ officials said.

‘Orcs’ had launched missile strikes.

Airstrikes and rocket attacks across Ukraine.

Including targeting civilian infrastructure.


‘Elves’ forces have battled their way back.

Into territory in eastern Ukraine.

Reclaiming areas lost under months of.

Relentless fire of ‘orcs’ artillery.


It is part of a remarkable turnaround from June.

When ‘elves’ army was nearly out of ammunition.

And struggled to slow ‘orcs’ assault.

‘Elves’ forces had retaken Bilohorivka.


A coal mining village on the banks.

Of the Siversky Donets River that in May was.

The scene of one of the deadliest engagements.

Of the war for ‘orcs’ forces.



“The pace is very important now.

The pace of stabilization in the liberated areas.

The pace of movement of our troops.

The pace of restoration of normal life in the liberated territory.”



The ‘orcs’ disaster.

When trying to cross the Siversky Donets River.

In the direction of Bilohorivka.

Will be studied in all military academies.


‘Orcs’ losses in the operation range.

From 285 to 485 casualties.

And 93 vehicles.

Destroyed or abandoned at Bilohorivka alone.


And around 1,500 casualties among all crossing attempts.

And over 150 vehicles lost.

Still, it was a bold attempt that might otherwise have caused.

Serious damage to the defenders of Severodonetsk.


A failed river crossing where an ‘orcs’ battalion lost.

Almost all its armoured vehicles was.

The third such attack in three days.

The ‘elf’ regional governor has said.


‘Mordor’ was trying hard to cross the Siversky Donets.

But he claimed that in days of intense battles.

Local forces had destroyed speed boats and helicopters.

And “ruined ‘orcs’ boat bridges three times”.


‘Elves’ information service said that.

‘Orcs’ began its crossing attempt on 8 May.

But as soon as they crossed.

‘Elves’ forces destroyed the pontoon bridge in the water.


And ‘orcs’ troops “fell into the trap”, it said.

The river flows through the Donestsk.

And Luhansk regions.

Both major ‘orcs’ military targets.


The official described “a great accumulation”.

Of ‘orcs’ troops making repeated attempts.

To encircle ‘elves’ forces.

“We still can’t bring down ‘orcs’ offensive pace.”


“‘Orcs’ continues to attack in this direction.

And we are forced to defend ourselves.”

In repeated attacks, ‘elves’ troops had “eliminated.

Approximately 70 units of ‘orcs’ heavy weapons and equipment.”


Crossing the river, is a vital move.

To surround the ‘elves’ troops.

And take important cities such as Severodonetsk.

According to analysts.


Severodonetsk is important to ‘orcs’.

Because controlling it would enable ‘orcs’.

To drive west and link up with ‘orcs’ forces.

Pushing south-east of Izyum.


The ‘elf’ regional governor said.

‘Orcs’ forces had taken the town of Rubizhne.

And that the national guard was attempting.

To defend the outskirts of the town.


“‘Orcs’ are doing their best.

To eliminate our fighters.

But they are not able to do this.

‘Elves’ positions are still very strong there.”


Meanwhile, in another area of eastern Ukraine.

‘Elves’ forces have driven back ‘orcs’ troops.

From the second-largest city of Kharkiv.

The fastest advance since ‘orcs’ forces pulled away from Kyiv.



“The pace is very important now.

The pace of stabilization in the liberated areas.

The pace of movement of our troops.

The pace of restoration of normal life in the liberated territory.”



At the end of March 2022.

It proved to be a real chimera.

Once the impossibility of ‘orcs’ became manifest.

For capturing or even encircling Kyiv.


The previous strategy of the invasion.

Emanating from ‘the One’ was shattered.

And he had to improvise a new one.

This new strategy of ‘’Mordor’’s victory’.


Which could be referred to as a ‘minimum victory’.

Discarded the pretensions of a total strategic victory.

In pursuit of obtaining an operational victory of ‘trumpery’.

That is to say, it was a minimal strategy.


With great operational objectives.

Through which to change the dynamics.

Of the invasion in favor of ‘Mordor’.

Causing in the process a heavy blow to ‘elves’ army.


To do so, ‘orcs’ sought a goal.

That seemed attainable and reasonable.

Within the ‘supposed’ offensive operational.

Capabilities of ‘orcs’:


Donbas and ‘elves’ forces deployed in the region.

To achieve this goal.

Two tweezers’ would perform.

A double envelopment over this region.


One of them would depart from the northeast of Ukraine.

And the other from the south-southeast.

With the aim of surrounding the ‘elves’ force.

And seize all of Donbas.


In a clear attempt to carry out a ‘kesselschlacht’.

The new ‘orcs’ offensive would begin.

To take shape at the end of March.

But it would be from April 11.


And with the participation of most of the units redeployed.

From the north and northeast of Ukraine.

That it would formally materialize.

However, the southern pincer never materialized.


The northern pincer, despite the fact that it was.

In the operational areas of Izyum, Lyman and Severodonetsk.

Where ‘orcs’ concentrated more and better forces during the offensive.

Never obtained a tactical break.


The long-awaited tactical break.

That would grant operational freedom.

Behind the ‘elves’ deployment did not come.

Repeated, numerous and unsuccessful ‘orcs’ attempts to break through.


In a south-southwest direction towards Barvenkovo-Lozovaya.

Were violently contained and, on many occasions, repelled.

After barely achieving negligible territorial gains.

Towards the west-southwest from pontoon bridges.


The ‘orcs’ inability to carry out.

The offensive in the appropriate time-space.

Caused the existence of a long exposed flank.

In the operational area Izyum projection.


From the southwest of Chuguev to the southeast of Petrivske.

Forcing numerous ‘orcs’ units to be displaced.

From the main axis of advance.

To be pinned down by ‘elves’ forces.


That have continuously harassed and punished that flank.

Throughout the entire month of April.

‘Elves’ forces that have even gone so far as.

To make a forceful crossing over the Siversky Donets River.


On the other hand, the multiple ‘orcs’ attempts.

To carry out the internal encirclement.

Advancing from the east of the Oskil and Lyman.

To the south have been unsuccessful.


The attempts have been stopped between Studenok.

And Lyman itself on repeated occasions.

To the impossibility of obtaining a tactical rupture.

With which to have operational freedom by ‘orcs’.


Besides, the tenacity and ferocity of the ‘elves’ forces.

In the containment actions.

Against the vanguards of ‘orcs’.

And the skillful ‘elves’ tactical maneuver.


As if this were not enough.

During the first days of May.

‘Elves’ launched a counteroffensive.

In the Kharkov operational area.


‘Elves’ operational maneuver that posed a serious threat.

To the deep rear and logistical routes of the ‘orcs’ projection in Izyum.

Forcing ‘orcs’ to redeploy troops initially destined.

For the axis of advance towards Kharkov.


Due to the prevailing operational situation.

In the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts.

As well as in the Kharkov Oblast.

Evidence began to appear in early May.


That ‘Mordor’ was completely redirecting its operational effort.

To the front line between Lyman and Severodonetsk.

Beginning to extract units from the Izyum-Kupyansk.

For redeployment east of the Oskil.


Though without withdrawing from that projection.

In this way, ‘orcs’ definitively renounced.

The rupture and exploitation of the Barvenkovo-Lozovaya direction.

Separating them from operational victory.


Through a large double encirclement of the ‘elves’ force.

Total capture of the Donbas territories included.

This gave rise to the search for a new strategy.

Of minimal operational objectives and tactical victories by ‘Mordor’.


That is, the achievement of the minimum objectives.

Within the minimum strategy.

And these minimum objectives were marked.

By achieving a tactical victory that would be a blow at a time.


The first week of May.

When the need for ‘orcs’ advances began to be desperate.

Not only in pursuit of achieving objectives.

But to achieve distract ‘elves’ forces from other operational areas.


And thus alleviate the operational pressure.

That the Izyum-Kupyansk and Kharkov were being subjected to.

It is within this general context.

In the operational theater of Donbas.


That they are devised and framed ‘orcs’ operations.

Seeking to force crossings across the Siversky Donets River.

At Dronivka and Serebryanka, east of Lyman.

As well as at Bilohorivka and Shypylivka, south of Kreminna.


The ‘orcs’ operation, on the one hand, was intended.

To threaten to encircle the eastern wing.

Of the ‘elves’ defensive deployment.

Between Lyman and Siversk.


While on the other, in conjunction with ‘orcs’ forces.

Coming from Popasna in a north-northeast direction.

It was intended to cut off the deep rear of the ‘elves’ defensive device.

Deployed in Severodonetsk and the Luhansk oblast.


Operations that took place for eight days.

From the night of May 4 to 5 until May 13.

In what could ultimately be described as the largest.

‘Orcs’ operational debacle so far in the invasion.


The first obstacle.

That ‘orcs’ operations would encounter.

For this new offensive operation.

Would be the area chosen for them.


In lush forested areas.

Dotted with streams.

Closed areas with wetlands.

Forest debris.


Limited communication routes.

Already a complex maneuver.

Due to restricted reconnaissance.

And deployment capabilities.


Causing the axes of attack to be restricted.

To the few existing roads and clearings.

Making it difficult to effectively identify targets.

And forcing the deployment in long columns.


The second obstacle.

Arose from the inherent operational complexity.

Involved in establishing four safe crossing points.

On the north bank of the Siversky Donets and.


Once the bridgeheads.

On the south bank.

Of the river were secured.

Carrying out deep operational exploitation.


The very morphology of the Siversky Donets channel.

At the chosen crossing points, in turn.

Forced ‘orcs’ to carry out the crossings.

In the curves of the meanders formed by the river.


Where the firmness of the banks.

Is soft and muddy.

Something for which in Bilohorivka.

‘Orcs’ would pay at a very high cost.


Trying to correct the problem.

That could be caused by the impossibility.

Of carrying out a correct deployment of forces.

‘Orcs’ chose points where the river could be forded by ‘elves’.


Despite this, ‘orcs’ were forced to carry out.

A deliberate attack in areas not very favorable for this.

And where ‘elves’ forces dominated the heights.

On the south bank of the river.


The success of the operations relied entirely on ‘orcs’.

Being able to execute the maneuver in a time high.

And with exact time-space coordination in the execution.

Of the maneuvers pertinent to each of the elements.


Similarly, vital to the success of the operations.

Would be ‘orcs’ ability to cover up.

The magnitude and intent.

Of the operations.


After the operational concentrations in the axes of advance.

Towards the points designated for the crossing.

In theory ‘orcs’ should have executed an extensive camouflage maneuver.

In their intentions and concentration –Maskirovka-.


The mere concentration of troops.

Material and equipment for operations of such magnitude.

If the intentions of ‘orcs’ were not well masked.

Would be quickly identified by ‘elves’.


The ‘orcs’ offensive had three well-defined axes of advance.

Each one corresponding to the different chosen crossing points.

The main of these axes started from the south of Kreminna.

In the direction of the bend of the Siversky Donets.


That runs in a northwest-southeast direction.

Where the main effort of ‘orcs’ would take place.

Between the northeast of Bilohorivka and the southwest of Shypylivka.

The other crossing points were chosen in Dronivka – Serebryanka.



“The pace is very important now.

The pace of stabilization in the liberated areas.

The pace of movement of our troops.

The pace of restoration of normal life in the liberated territory.”



It comes amid reports of renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine.

The blast brought down the school building.

Which caught fire and it took firefighters.

Three hours to extinguish the blaze.


The ‘elf’ regional governor confirmed two deaths.

But claimed as many as 60 people.

Could be lying dead under the rubble.

About 90 people had been sheltering in the building.


And 30 were rescued.

Seven of them wounded, he added.

Two deaths have been confirmed so far.

An ‘orcs’ plane had dropped the bomb on Saturday.


Almost the entire village had been sheltering.

In the basement of the school.

The final death toll would only be known.

When the rubble had been cleared, he added.


Bilohorivka is close to.

The ‘elves’-held city of Severodonetsk.

Where ‘elves’ forces are battling ‘orcs’ troops and separatists.

Heavy fighting was reported in the suburbs there on Saturday.


The ‘elf’ regional governor has been giving more details.

About what he says was an ‘orcs’ airstrike.

On the school sheltering civilians.

In the village of Bilohorivka.


“An aircraft bomb went into a school.

Unfortunately, it is completely destroyed…

There were 60 people.

Hiding from the shelling…”


“Considering it was an aircraft bomb.

Not an artillery shell.

When the explosion happened.

The temperature was wild.”


“Of course, our State Service Emergency workers.

Will try to clear the debris as fast as they can.

But the chances of people still being alive.

Are small.”


“But we hope for the best.

A bit later, when the debris is cleared.

I will report on the situation.

Maybe, someone will actually stay alive.”




*Because I read some articles about Bilohorivka as follows, and also “Why are Ukrainians calling Russians ‘orcs’?” by James FitzGerald on 30 April 2022, on the BBC news.
So, I wrote this poem.
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