Red-brick and stone walls.

Blue sky and a white cloud.

The glory of the heritage.

Survived two world wars.


Black smoke poured out.

Red flames blazed up.

Through a targeted shelling.

In the school of hard knocks.


Grey ashes overspread.

Charred red-brick and stone walls.

Standing on the ground.

The heritage of Lysychansk.



*Because I read the article about the Lysychansk Multidisciplinary Gymnasium like “School that survived two world wars burnt down – Luhansk chief” on 3 May 2022, on the BBC news, and watched the regional head’s Telegram.

So, I wrote this poem.



**My friend shows you this poem also on the Ukrainian website for their children and others!

Kurama (Japan). «A poet in Lysychansk» — a poem about war in Ukraine 2022 – Мала Сторінка (storinka.org)

Please join them! You can also hear my voice, singing this poem.